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Jeff O'Leary
Sales Representative

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Because it's not just about a House, it's about your Lifestyle

Village Guru

The majority of my clients are looking for more than just a house, they are looking for a specific lifestyle. Anyone who knows Mississauga, knows how incredibly diverse the different villages are. Not every village in Mississauga will suit your needs, so it is important for you to see what the advantages and disadvantages of each village are. There are also villages within Oakville and Burlington to consider, since they can offer that specific lifestyle, and often for a better price than most quality neighbourhoods in Mississauga.

I have also created a Village Guru Website where you can how I have scored each village, how I work with my clients, and videos about real estate, decor, and my life! Click the logo above to learn more about the best way to buy a home in Mississauga, Oakville or Burlington! 





Top Neighbourhood in Streetsville: Vista Heights

 Streetsville Homes

This village has a history hundreds of years old, and remains an extremely desireable place to live. Many areas of Streetsville far exceed the budgets of the average family buyer; any areas along the river will cost around the million dollar mark. There are small pockets that are still somewhat affordable for the upper-middle class family, such as Vista Heights, where older 3 bed homes can still be around the $400,000 mark. Excellent schools, a lively downtown core & its location along the Credit River are all part of the lifstyle that so many crave. 

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Central & South Erin Mills


Top Neighbourhoods in Erin Mills: Pheasant Run & Sawmill Valley

 Erin Mills Homes 

Erin Mills is the largest master planned community of Mississauga; a picture of suburn ideals and goals. However, Erin Mills was built over 2 decades, and variety is very apparent. Some areas of Erin Mills has fallen out of favour with the Family Buyer, however other areas offer huge homes (at a premium price), and are the aspiration of any suburban, upwardly mobile family. Learn more about Erin Mills to see which areas are hot, and which are not. Prices for detached family homes range from $350,000 to over $1,000,000, depending on which sub-area of Erin Mills you are looking.

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Port Credit & Mineola

 Port Credit Condos

This is truly THE ULTIMATE VILLAGE in recent years, as 7/10 buyers ask me to find them a home in Port Credit. The truth however, is that this village has already arrived; no longer is it the dingy, lost community of decades past. If you do have at least $800,000, and more like over 1 million, for your next family home, Port Credit offers an urban-family lifestyle that can't be beat. 

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Lorne Park Village

 Lorne Park Homes

In the 1800's, Lorne Park used to be the Hampton's for Toronto's elite class. As it came into the fold of Mississauga, it did not lose it's High End Appeal. Drive through the area and it's easy to see why; quiet streets, mature trees, character homes....quiet, elegant living. You might find a home for under $1,000,000 in the newer areas near the highway, but if you want to live in Lorne Park Proper, bring your chequebook, this won't be cheap.

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Clarkson Village & Rattray Marsh

 Clarkson Village Rattray Marsh Homes

Clarkson is coming into its prime....but only in a very small area of the village along Lakeshore road/Rattray Marsh. These beautiful areas boast both stately homes on large lots, and a variety of custom and older homes with views to the lake. These areas will start you off at a minimum of $750,000 for a fixer, and into the millions for a premium home. However, the majority of the village is not highly desirable for the family buyer, with lower income and large industrial complexes, lack of waterfront access, and less desireable schools. So be very careful when you think Clarkson Village, as there is a very real dividing line between HOT and NOT.

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 Sheridan & Sheridan Homelands

Sheridan Homelands 

These are excellent suburban neighbourhoods for families and are always in high demand. Sherwood Forest is an elegant and stately neighbourhood whose prices have spiked in the last 5 years, to near the million dollar mark for many of the homes. Sheridan Homelands continues to provide great value with good size homes and lots, and good schools. This area is dominated by traditional 2 storey homes and backsplits from the 60's and 70's, and offer generous lots sizes. A small pocket of Sheridan Homelands is less desireable, as it backs on to rental complexes and industrial space. This area has a price range of $550,000 to $750,000.

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Olde Meadowvale Village, Lisgar & Meadowvale


Top Neighbourhood In Meadowvale: Olde Meadowvale Village

 Meadowvale Homes

While other communities like Erin Mills were in high popularity, Meadowvale was often overlooked. In recent years, Meadowvale has seen a resurgance for growing families, as this area offers larger detached homes & lots, and fantastic parks & trail systems, for between $400,000 and $650,000 on average. There is diversity even within Meadowvale, as some areas fall within fantastic school districts and other areas are dominated by rental complexes. It is important to know which areas will offer growing value and which will not. And then there is Meadowvale Village, a secluded community full of charm and character. If you are looking for quiet family living, take another look at Meadowvale, you might be surprised!

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 Huron Park

This quiet little community offers a lot of charm and great family homes. The Huron Park area offers large brick homes that show pride of ownership and have excellent schools. The Gordon Woods area along Stavebank Road is a secluded paradise, with older estate homes, towering trees and large lots. This is a very diverse community however, with less desireable areas along and north of Dundas. This area is a very worthwhile contender, if you are open to a more urban mix of demographics within the larger neighbourhood. The quality neighbourhoods will start you off at a minimum of $650,000, into the millions.  

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Churchill Meadows



This village is the last of Mississauga's master planned surbaban homes. This areas takes the modern day approach of giving the family the largest possible home with the most modern amenities on very small lots of land. It is a very high density area, mixing urban concepts into a suburban neighbourhood. In the past 5 years, this area has been in extremely high demand, as there are very few areas left in Mississauga that offer new homes...and the presumed low maintenance and ease of living that comes with a new home. the number of sales in this area is very high and prices have climbed quickly from what they were originally purchased for 5 to 10 years earlier. For a detached home, you will pay $550,000 to $700,000 on average.

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 River Oaks



River Oaks is a stable community where residents take pride in their home and stay for many years. It is ideal for families with great schools, many parks and many local amenities to walk to. This area boasts multiple parks and many ravine/wooded areas, to ensure natural beauty is preserved. 

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 Glen Abbey West



Glen Abbey used to be the calling card of Oakville in the 1980's. Massive estate homes were built along the golf course and greenspace was protected to give many homes ravine or wooded privacy. Today, the polish has worn off many areas, where homes and yards are running down, and pride of ownership is waning. However, small pockets of beauty still exist, specifically in West Glen Abbey: From McKraney Creek Trails, west to Fourteen Mile Creek. Home value is directly affected by your neighbours, so take a close look to see what you think of Glen Abbey.

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 West Oak Trails & Palermo



This area is an example of suburban planning at its finest. Tailored to meet the ideal of the young modern family, this area is overflowing with charmingly designed homes with modern floorplans, countless parks with excellent facilities, and new schools that aimed to be top performing schools. Though lots are smaller, many back onto planned ravines, allowing for private living. These homes have beautiful charm and curb appeal, and for all of these reasons, home values continue to rise. The typical resident is an upper middle class family with 1 or 2 professional incomes. Detached homes range from $550,000 (very small) to over $800,000 for a spacious 4 bedroom home on premium lots. 

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Bronte is Oakville's most western village boasts its own quint downtown core. This area offers a wide variety of housing, as it developed over time and housing infill occurred. This area includes Bronte Village, Bronte Harbour and the newer Lakeshore Woods. This area also includes new presitious condo builds such as Bluwater. You can still find affordability in the older areas which have homes from the 50's which can still sell around the $600,000's, or you can also find million dollar homes along areas like Mississauga Street and the lakefront. This is a true village, with a mix of homes and plenty of culture, amenities and history.

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Shoreacres is an older neighbourhood in South East Burlinton that boasts traditional family homes from the 50's and 60's. Homes are meticulously maintained and curb appeal is stunning. Aside from the obvious proximity to the lake, this area falls within the desireable Nelson High School district, and is close to many downtown shops and amenities. This area offers more afforadable lakeside living as south Mississauga's and Oakville's southern villages rise far beyond the $1 million mark. If your lifestyle dream includes being close to the lake, take a look at Shoreacres!

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Millcroft is a Golf Course Community designed and planned for the executive family. Homes were built in the late 80's and 90's and most are made of solid brick, stone and have a stately appeal. Home prices start at about $650,000 and exceed 1 million. However, the same size and quality of home in an equally prestigious area of Mississauga would be $200,000 to $300,000 more, on average. Curb appeal, parks, schools and proximity to amenities all make Millcroft an elite Burlington Community.

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 Headon Forest



Headon Forest is an excellent neighbourhood for young and growing families. Most homes are brick, 4 bedroom, with a similar centre hall floor plan and dominant garage profile. Much like simliar neighbourhoods in Oakville built in the 1980's, you sacrifice lot size for house size. The age of these homes lend themselves to modern cosmetic updates, so you can add value by replacing a carpet or updating cabinets. There are many good schools and parks at your doorstep, all for between $500,000 and $650,000.  

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