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Jeff O'Leary
Sales Representative

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Sell Your Home


The Most Rewarding Experience

For the majority of home owners in the majority of situations, you want to sell your home in a reasonable amount of time, for the most possible money. If you find yourself in this situation, read on. I'm going to tell you the most important rule to selling you could possibly know:


#1 Sales Rule: KNOW YOUR BUYER


The majority of homes in Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington are designed for first time home buyers or family buyers. If your home is suitable for either of these groups (about 90% of homes), here are some characteristics about these buyers you need to know:


1) Buyers decide which house to buy based on emotion more than logic. Buyers LOVE to FALL IN LOVE with their new home. Once the number of beds, baths & location has been determined, all the homes they see are on equal statistical playing field. The home they buy is the one that FEELS right. 

2) Over 80% will pay for a turn-key home. The other 20% are happy to do renovations if they can get the home for a good deal, you will NOT get top dollar from these buyers. We need to focus on attracting the 80%. 

3) Buyers have busy lives. In this day and age, most buyers - whether they are young professionals or families - do not want to spare the time to do a lot of work on the home. Finding a good contractor is intimidating for many, and there's just a lot of stress involved that most buyers don't want to deal with.  

4) Buyers have more credit than cash. If you are in a condo, town home, or family home, you are looking to attract young couples or young families. For the last 5 years, financial reports have indicated that these young Canadians are leveraged, and have little spare cash. It's more feasible to mortgage a higher priced, updated home, than to pay less for a house and use their own cash to update it.  


So what does this mean for you, the seller? It means that if you present your home to be well maintained and updated, you will have a very desirable product to sell.


The majority of homes are not presented at their best when listed for sale, far from. If you take the time to ensure your house offers what buyers want to see, you have a strong competitive advantage. I believe the best results come from you and I working together, giving 100% of our efforts.

  1. I always ask sellers to do any last fix-its and honey-do lists before you sell. It is very important that the home looks well loved and maintained
  2. Then I bring in my home stager to work side by side with you, and to show you economical tips and tricks to make your home show its best. This is often more sweat equity than anything. You never want to renovate to sell, think "face-lift".
  3. Then its my job to provide an extensive marketing plan, including professional photography and media services. I attract the 80% of buyers that are willing to pay fair money for you home, and you've ensured your home (the product) is something they want to buy.


Together, we are more effective and have more impact than either one of us alone. 


Click here to see the detailed list of all of the services I provide to every home seller. Sell faster, for more money, and have a great experience doing it! 


Better Way To Sell Your Home



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