Central & South Erin Mills

Central Erin Mills is Comprised of 3 Distinct Neighbourhoods:

Credit Mills


Credit Valley

South Erin Mills is Comprised of 4 Distinct Neighbourhoods:

Sawmill Valley

Pheasant Run

Council Ring

 West Erin Mills

Village Guru



The Village Guru Score is based from the viewpoint, needs and values of my main client group

Young & Growing Families

My clients overwhelmingly ask me to find them more than just a house, but the total package: the lifestyle they are looking for. What is important to them?

  1. Housing Characteristics
  2. Quality & Ranking of Schools
  3. Community "Vibe" and Amenities
  4. Overall Affordability & Value

Click on each Neighbourhood to see how they individually rank on these 4 factors

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Central Erin Mills
  South Erin Mills