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Vista Heights Map

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 Vista Heights Homes



Diversity of Homes

Vista Heights evolved over time, so there is good diversity of housing. There are bungalows, side and back splits, as well as more modern 2 storey homes. If you are looking for a neighbourhood that isn't builder cookie-cutter, this is a great neighbourhood for you.
Land Size

Most homes sit on very nice size lots. If you enjoy working on gardens and having space to relax or entertain in your backyard, you can find it in Vista Heights.

More Than 25 yrs old Most Homes can benefit from basic cosmetic updating (carpets, countertops, etc) which will increase the home's value, due to the high demand for the area.
Outdated Floorplans Unless you are game for a major reno, you will find that builders of the era didn't value closet space, luxurious bathrooms or upper floor laundry. Some owners have updated their homes so it is possible to find these features, but original homes will be without.
Basements There are many 60's homes in the area that don't have proper basements; they are on slab or have crawl space. So if you need the extra space for your growing family, your options are more limited in Vista Heights.

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 Vista Heights Schools



Top High Schools

Your children will have access to the best schools in the city: Streetsville Secondary (Public) and St Aloysius Gonzaga (Catholic)

French Immersion

 Vista Heights elementary school runs a highly regarded french immersion program, and is an excellent school overall. It is a definiete bonus that your kids can walk to school over being bussed.


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 Vista Hieghts Vibe



Family Oriented

Vista Heights is a prime example of quiet family living. Secluded enough from commercial and industrial zones, there is nothing but beautifully manicured homes in view. There are many quiet courts and side streets, and larger backyards to play in.
Strong Community Pride

From the curb appeal, to number of community groups, people in Vista Heights are active and care very strongly about their community. If you like to belong to a strong community culture, this is an excellent place to live

Downtown Core

Vista Heights is one of the few suburban neighbourhoods that has such close access to the lively Queen Street Downtown. You get the best of both worlds here: quiet family homes plus access to shops, cafes, restaurants and pubs.

Less Civic Planning

This area was built over 50 years ago, and priorities were different. Playgrounds and parks are not abundant in the area, compared to newer areas where the builder designed greenspaces into the community plan.

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Vista Heights Homes 2



Most homes are 3 bedroom side and backsplits, with a few areas of newer 2 storey builds. This area is still affordable for the average family buyer, but the "best" houses sell fast; you may have to consider homes in the area that require updates.

Prices here are the most reasonable in Streetsville, given that you have walking access to top ranked schools, good size lots and homes, and close access to the GO Train and downtown Streetville.

Vista Heights is NOT Ideal for:

1) Toronto commuters who are not on a 9-5 Schedule

2) Buyers looking for newer homes with little maintenance required

3) If you need the large 4 bedroom home with multiple entertaining spaces, this is harder to find in vista heights. And the homes that do offer this space come at a premium price and sell fast.


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